Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Quick Introduction

Home state: Idaho

Major: Construction Management, with a business management minor--graduating December 2009

Interests: wakeboarding, football, grilling, recording music, reading, and art

Thoughts about Lisa: She is very talented and successful. I have a lot to learn from her--the way she carries herself and the difference she makes in the lives of others. She is always optimistic and happy, equipped with an angelic smile and a christ-like demeanor, always building up and never tearing down. She significantly improves me and the quality of my life.


Anonymous said...

RYAN!! Congrats! I just got your invitation - I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to meet Lisa!

Sarah said...

Your pictures are so great. Lisa, you look absolutely gorgeous and just STUNNING in the pictures. I love the piggy back ride one. BEAUTIFUL pictures!

And I have to agree with Ryan, as Lisa is one of my most favorite people in the entire world... she is just amazing. You will never meet anyone quite like her. She is a gem. Ryan is one lucky guy.

Let's start an I love lisa club, Ryan can be the president. I'll be the VP.

Felicidades querida!!!!

Trophy Wife said...

We were SO shocked that you would be walking around in the dark in the woods with all those bugs. You brave man! We know there must have been a dozen cricket-wasps out there.

Dustin Tingey said...

Yeah, he is pretty awesome.

Trophy Wife said...

We are waiting for some pictures of the big day...which should of happened here in Houston!!!