Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the payoff

Thank you for all the comments! We're slowly making some ground here, and your suggestions are helping a ton.

Now. A deal's a deal, so let's start with this fancy glamor shot I took using my laptop's web cam at 11 o'clock last night, shall we?

Ow ow. Y'all are lucky I got dressed that day.

I'll put up some stories and ultrasound photos next -- just keep those ideas comin'!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The great bribe

If you're still stopping by here every so often, it's most likely in the hopes that I've either a.) posted a pregnant picture or b.) written something riveting about our lives. Meanwhile, I'm busy trying to figure out babyland and what stroller is lightest, whether or not a travel system is necessary, if crib bumpers are deadly or just cute, and what brand of everything is the best.


I'm proposing a bargain.

For every comment you leave that includes a tried-and-true (by you!) baby product recommendation (or stay-away-from-ation), I will post either a belly photo, an ultrasound photo, or an anecdote from our recent lives (and let me tell you, we've been exciting lately). I will also accept life-changing (cannot live without!) baby book recommendations, baby name recommendations (but only the awesome ones will count), and other general tips/tricks that have made your children brilliant and you fabulous.

You might think my proposal's pretty selfish -- that I will get far more out of your recommendations than you will out of seeing my 33-week baby bump.

You obviously haven't seen me pregnant yet.