Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the payoff

Thank you for all the comments! We're slowly making some ground here, and your suggestions are helping a ton.

Now. A deal's a deal, so let's start with this fancy glamor shot I took using my laptop's web cam at 11 o'clock last night, shall we?

Ow ow. Y'all are lucky I got dressed that day.

I'll put up some stories and ultrasound photos next -- just keep those ideas comin'!


Shar said...

i didn't even have to wait long! i better get the rest of my list together.

Lisa: YOU'RE PREGNANT! this is such a cute shot. you look amazing (like we all knew you would).

you better get started taking those same-outfit weekly shots. :)

Paige said...

Wow Lisa, you are so cute! You look awesome! And you're going to have a baby! :)

Cosme said...

Courtesy the little baby's future cousins:

Baby Name Ideas:
Patton (friends dog's name)

That should be plenty for you to shoose from.

talida said...

You make a gorgeous mother-to-be!! :)

Tara said...

Lisa, you are so hot!! Sometimes I hear guys say, "I think pregnant chicks are hot." And I don't get it. Until I see you. And now I know what they're talking about! ;)

Shannon said...

Gorgeous!!! Not that I expected anything less. :) Hope you and Ryan are having fun getting ready for your family to grow!

jenny said...

OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO CUTE I HAVE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS!!!!! I miss you!! I am so excited for you and Ryan!! Can't wait to meet the bebe.

brenda said...

OH MY GOSH! look how cute you are! i'm just going to sit here squealing over this picture for the next hour or so...

miss you!

ArcoIris said...

I'm not a mother but my boss is a strong advocate of breast feeding and refers expecting moms to La Leche League - she says they are great! here is a link th the Texas website: http://www.llli.org/web/texas.html

Sarah said...

You should have just heard my gasp (of joy) when I saw this picture. Lovely. How is this your first belly pic? You are so adorable.

Mike and Lauren said...

You look so great, LIsa!! I just read through all your baby-product comments and have a few suggestions to leave:
-I agree with what Bex said - I liked the travel system okay, but when we have another baby I will definitely be getting a more jogging type stroller that my carseat can clip into. Way more useful in my opinion that the big bulky ones. I would find one that also has a seat you could put on it once the baby is big enough to not need the infant seat though.
-I loved our chicco keyfit 30 carseat, we'll use it again someday. It was great, not heavier than others and super easy to use.
-As pretty much everyone else said, a good electric pump is seriously a lifesaver. They are pricey, but so worth it if you are planning on breastfeeding.

Hmm I seriously have blanked, but my sister had this master list she emailed to her friends on what she really needed, so I'm going to get that and send it along to you!

Keep the pictures and stories coming - we are so excited for you guys and we love you tons!

Katie said...

You look amazing Lisa! I can't wait to see some cute baby pics.

Kendra Stephenson said...

You. Are. Adorable. CONGRATS AGAIN!!