Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Beau!

If we're not facebook friends (why aren't we??), then you may not know that the belly from my last post became the baby boy of this post. Two months and two days ago, to be exact. We tried our hardest to get him to hold out til 7.11.11, but he wouldn't have it and came a few hours short.

So much and so little has happened in the last two months. So much (he came! he cried! he rolled! he smiled!) and so little (we feed him. we put him to sleep. we clean his dirties. over and over.) that I don't know where to begin. But here's a start:

**Beau loves techno. Ryan's brother made a few songs on garage band before leaving on his mission (miss you, drew!), and only bouncing can rival the calming powers of those electric rhythms.

**Beau has peed on us about 23 times. He looks so innocent in his newborn photos, but 5 of those times happened during that photo shoot.

**When Mother Goose retires, Ryan would make an excellent replacement. The impromptu rhymes he sings to get Beau to calm down at night are pretty epic. Almost as good as Megan's "throw, throw, throw your beau" rendition.

**Beau sees dead people. He'll be looking right at you and then his gaze will turn to just above your right shoulder and change into a look of horror. This makes night feedings particularly spooky.

**I almost can't handle how sweet this little guy can be. When he curls up and falls asleep on your chest? It's over. Nothing sweeter. Except for maybe when he sighs in his sleep in your arms. Melt my heart. (Just one thing though--what's he doing in your arms? Give him back already.)

Anyway. Like I said, just a start. Up until now, the big battle has been Beau vs. the blog, and it's pretty obvious who won out there. But seeing as how Beau's got grandparents who live a gazillion miles away, I don't think I'm allowed to keep all this cuteness to myself anymore. Consider yourself warned.


Tara said...

Oh my goodness, he is such a cutie pie! This was such a funny post, too... I've had a long, boring day of cleaning and unpacking the garage, and needed a laugh, so the dead people/gaze over your shoulder thing just made me die laughing. So funny! He is an adorable little guy, Lisa, congrats again!

Shannon said...

Definitely a handsome little boy you have there. Sounds like you are loving life with a newborn. Busy and boring at the same time. Also, I love your announcement! Great design. :)

Paige said...

Aw, he's so cute! Josh and I love the pictures. Congratulations!

kimi + joe said...

Congratulations on such a handsome and welcome addition to your family! I'm not on Facebook and somehow overlooked your belly photo so this is all very exciting. I'm glad you aren't keeping his cuteness to yourself anymore. Keep the photos coming and enjoy your little one!

Alexis said...

I don't know how you did it, but you ALMOST made me think I wanted another baby. Like right now. I guess I just need to come to Houston and borrow yours for a while. He is such a doll. Love ya, Momma!

rawhide said...

so cute! and i love his name. keep the pictures coming.