Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fifty nifty

Weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to Fifty Word Stories, a blog that posts one 50-word story a day. This is one of my favorites, by guest writer Dave Eves.

The Last Bite

A man walked up to me in the park today and asked, "Are you eating that?"
I was confused. I wasn't eating anything. I turned to him and said, "No."
He promptly took a large bite out of my upper thigh and walked away.
I wish I had said "Yes."

Try your hand at a 50 word story. Best entry wins! (my undying adoration)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Let there be rain

I think the rain gods must be mad at us.

Ever since we left Utah, it's been raining like crazy there--in the desert. And right before we arrived in Houston, there was a mini-flood from all the rain. But ever since we planted our roots here, everyone else's have begun to dry up. We've almost reached drought status here, the land of torrential downpours and hearty thunderstorms.

What is going on?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The bearded intern

I thought I'd take a minute to update yall on what the bearded man in my bed has been doing here in Houston.

Ryan's interning with CBIC Construction, a small construction company with big business. It's a great company that is booming with bids and new projects for Ryan to help manage and learn from. Plus he gets to wear a bright yellow safety vest, goggles, and a hard hat on his site visits. Very cool.

Also, if you're wondering, my fabulous company is allowing me to keep my job and work remotely from Houston. My fabulous mother is allowing us to stay in her beautiful home and take over the kitchen table temporarily each day as my office. Who could ask for more?

Be back in August.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to the mailbox

Growing up, we had one of those community mailboxes at the end of the street. So we NEVER walked to the mailbox. If we didn't drive somewhere that day, we didn't check the mail. That's just the way it was.

Now we have a mailbox in front of our house. And yet, that old rule still seems to apply. Because, it could be argued, it's a long walk to the front of the yard. It's hot. It's humid. My neighbors might see me and try to socialize. All very bad things. So much easier to pick up the mail in the anonymity of your car with the A/C blowing in your face.

I know all the benefits, and still, last Friday, I decided to take that trip out to the mailbox. On foot.

Bad idea.

I was dutifully plugging away at my work when Christie IM-ed me. "Have you checked the mail yet? :) :) :) :)"

That fourth smiley made me a little suspicious. She'd been preparing to serve a mission for our church for the past few months and was sure the mailman would be bringing her news of where she would serve.

After changing out of my pjs (don't judge), I walked out the front door to check the mail. Noticing the door was slightly ajar, and the sun was stunningly hot, I made sure to shut it tight behind me. Gotta save that A/C, right?

The minute I heard the door latch, I remembered. The handle on the front door recently broke. It didn't work. The door wasn't even locked, yet I had still managed to locked myself out (though thankfully not in my pjs). I suddenly felt like a prisoner, shaking the handle, banging on the door, jiggling the latch ever so gently so as to coax it into submission. It would have none of it.

After finding all 4 back doors locked as well (do we seem a little paranoid here?), I resigned to sit and wait. And, oh yeah, check the mail. And there it was! My sister's mission call. Inside that little envelope lay her fate. So I sat on the driveway and inspected every angle of the envelope, trying to pry inside and sneak a peek. After nearly an hour of missed work and hot heat and envelope examinations, my mom made it home.

A few hours later, with the family gathered together, we opened the envelope. Christie would be speaking Spanish and serving the people in LA--and leaving in a month to begin the 18-month journey. We laughed and cried and smiled proud.

If I could get news like that every day, it might almost be worth that trip to the mailbox.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I had the hiccups in bed last week. Ryan and I had just settled down to read our books when they started. We had our laughs and then went back to silent reading and, for me, quiet hiccuping. And then, breaking the silence and without warning...

Ryan: (in a bloody murder voice) AHH!

Me: (in a scared little girl voice) Eeee!!

Ryan settles back into bed, content and smiling, as I gasp for air, trying to figure out what just happened and hoping my heart doesn't beat out of my chest.

Me: What's the matter with you?!

Ryan: It worked, didn't it?

Me: (waiting)

Goodbye, hiccups.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're not in Utah anymore, toto

It's true. We packed up and left (weeks ago now), but we'll be back.

Goodbye, Utah.

We'll miss your wide roads, gorgeous mountains, cold tap water, picturesque canyons, lack of traffic, great fishing, and the friends and family we've left behind. (But no looking back on that dry climate and those unpredictable chills...)

And hello, Texas!

Looking forward to some sunshine, waves, museums, Mexican food, big city sights, BBQ, bluebell, and HEB--not to mention all the friends and family we get to see again. (Though we can do without the horrendous traffic and 107+ temperatures. Seriously.)