Friday, June 26, 2009


I had the hiccups in bed last week. Ryan and I had just settled down to read our books when they started. We had our laughs and then went back to silent reading and, for me, quiet hiccuping. And then, breaking the silence and without warning...

Ryan: (in a bloody murder voice) AHH!

Me: (in a scared little girl voice) Eeee!!

Ryan settles back into bed, content and smiling, as I gasp for air, trying to figure out what just happened and hoping my heart doesn't beat out of my chest.

Me: What's the matter with you?!

Ryan: It worked, didn't it?

Me: (waiting)

Goodbye, hiccups.


Elisa said...

that is hilarious! and so cute! what a funny hubby. :)

I get really 'painful' hiccups. What i mean is, they are never quiet. and I can't control them. It is rather annoying. Eric has never tried to scare them out of me though. I think he is afraid I'd jump out of my skin since I'm also very easily startled. :)

Sarah said...

That's so funny.

As if you didn't know.

I have a question - is that chimichurri sauce on the meat in the churrasco picture??? drool drool