Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're not in Utah anymore, toto

It's true. We packed up and left (weeks ago now), but we'll be back.

Goodbye, Utah.

We'll miss your wide roads, gorgeous mountains, cold tap water, picturesque canyons, lack of traffic, great fishing, and the friends and family we've left behind. (But no looking back on that dry climate and those unpredictable chills...)

And hello, Texas!

Looking forward to some sunshine, waves, museums, Mexican food, big city sights, BBQ, bluebell, and HEB--not to mention all the friends and family we get to see again. (Though we can do without the horrendous traffic and 107+ temperatures. Seriously.)


Cami said...

Those are some great pictures! You're in Texas? So are we! I probably won't see you unless you decide to go to the Copperfield Ward with Julie. Anyway, hope you have a great time here!

lisa said...

@cami: funny you should mention it, because just last night, they asked me and julie to sing this Sunday! so... see you soon!

Andrea said...

We have lots of love for HEB too!