Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The quest

Ryan's: To grill a steak better than Taste of Texas.

Mine: To bake the ultimate angel food cake.

It's important to have goals. Especially when those goals involve eating steak and cake multiple times a week.

Any tips? Send them our way.


Lizzy said...

I like your style! Well, I actually discovered you can make angel food cake out of a box, so I've been doing that lately since I wasn't up to parting with 12 egg whites (and I still haven't made one from scratch). If you figure out the secret though let me know :)

Shannon said...

Hmm . . . I'm not a big steak eater and I've never baked angel food cake, but it sounds really good right now.

Lindsey said...

I made a really good angel food cake in my mom's KitchenAid, I think the recipe came with the mixer. We still need to get together sometime! Maybe next Sunday?!

Kat Dahl said...

Honestly, I'm not a big steak fan...but that's just me. My husband thinks I'm does the rest of his family for that reason. Angel Food Cake, however, is one of my favorite cakes because I could probably eat the whole thing and not feel like I ate anything. Yet, I've never come across a recipe to make it from scratch (because I never looked), but making it from a box is super easy. My sister-in-law would make it in a bunt cake and then put it on a 2-liter bottle upside down to allow it to get big and fluffy. (THE BEST for strawberry shortcake...instead of shortcake!!)