Sunday, April 5, 2009

So you're telling me there's a chance?

When I was a little girl, we planted trees in our backyard. 

Sticks, really.

They were pretty scrawny, and I was pretty disappointed. I had always dreamed of a backyard where I could escape from reality into the branches of a great oak or read about Nancy Drew or the BBSC in the shade of a majestic weeping willow. Our saplings didn't quite fit the bill, but my parents assured us that someday, our grandchildren would climb the branches of those trees.

Well, they grew a lot faster than we anticipated. Unfortunately, as I remember it, one of the bigger trees took sick, and my dad took care of it. I was so mad when I saw its remains: a neatly cut stump. Good for nothing but tripping over when you weren't looking down.

Today that tree stands proud, healthy and tall, with only a small scar to memorialize its life-saving trial. Sometimes you gotta cut out the bad to make room for the good. 

So, like I said before, my basil plant's been struggling. Things went from bad to ugly pretty quick, and suddenly I was watering a cup of dirt and dried herbs. I was about to throw it all out when I remembered that tree in my backyard. I cut each stick down to a stub, and just the other week, this is what I saw:

A new, fresh green sprig, making its way back from the dead, just in time for the holiday of rebirth and resurrection.

Here's to second chances we all desperately need. I think this little guy's got a pretty good one.


Shannon said...

Life lessons. I'm glad your plant is going to make it. :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Cosme & Judy Salazar said...

It was so nice reading about the tree experience at Willingham way. Those trees have sure grown. Mom and I just saw them yesterday and can't help but to marvel at how beautiful they turned out to be.