Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some people never change

Have I mentioned that Ryan is an animal aficionado? When he was a little guy, he'd measure out distances in his backyard to see how big the animals in his picture books would be in real life. He could identify just about any animal from just about any time period. Though I think he had a special place in his heart for the prehistoric. Here he is collecting the remains of a woolly mammoth he found in the backyard. Or something.

And here he is enjoying the remains of some real mammoths (though not the woolly type) nearly a quarter of a century later.
Still knew all their names too. Boys may never grow up, but, in their defense, at least they move on to bigger toys. 


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I remember him showing me some of his dinosaur books. He was so little he could barely talk - I was amazed he could pronounce the names!

Shannon said...

That's awesome. Weston is always telling me that he is digging for dinosaur bones when he is playing in the backyard. Some mornings when he is getting dressed and wants to wear his dinosaur shirt he tells me he is going to be a paleontologist that day. I hope the wonder and fascination lasts. :)