Sunday, June 28, 2009

The bearded intern

I thought I'd take a minute to update yall on what the bearded man in my bed has been doing here in Houston.

Ryan's interning with CBIC Construction, a small construction company with big business. It's a great company that is booming with bids and new projects for Ryan to help manage and learn from. Plus he gets to wear a bright yellow safety vest, goggles, and a hard hat on his site visits. Very cool.

Also, if you're wondering, my fabulous company is allowing me to keep my job and work remotely from Houston. My fabulous mother is allowing us to stay in her beautiful home and take over the kitchen table temporarily each day as my office. Who could ask for more?

Be back in August.


lindsay said...

Oh, so that's what you guys are doing there. I thought you just wanted to hang out somewhere with a pool. By the way, congrats to Ryan on passing his test. Now you can really enjoy that pool. :)

Shannon said...

Ahh nice. That is so great that you get to live rent free and keep your job! You guys are too funny. Call when you get back and let's have a date night!

Cosme & Judy Salazar said...

Thank you for keeping us informed. I really enjoy the news!!

Kristen said...

Real men have beards :)

Oh, and if you're up for a little road trip come Labor Day weekend I'd love to see you at my sister's wedding!