Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A state of euphoneria

(Forgive the title--Ryan loves puns.)
This is my new cell phone.

It's cute. It's little. It comes fully loaded with Guitar Hero. All the basic essentials to look for in a phone. And for the last 3 weeks, I was sure it was broken.

When I finally took it in to T-Mobile to rant about my rights and try and get some free stuff, I found out there was nothing wrong with the phone and everything wrong with me.

Me: (handing the phone over) Yeah, it's Nokia, so, you know. I hear lots of people have problems with this one.

Phone guy: Hmm, ok. (Takes out the battery)

Me: Oh, I've already tried that. Didn't work. Yeah, it's definitely broken. Yall have anything I can use til its fixed? Or keep? For free?

PG: (Presses hidden power button. Phone turns on.) Oh. There ya go. Gotta press the power button to turn it on.

Me: Oh. Ha. The power button, huh? Right. (Grabs phone, kicks his shin, and runs out of store)

Seriously? Am I 100 years old or something? I never even saw it sitting there.

Then I started to wonder. Maybe I didn't want to see it there.

It's no secret that I enjoy life without a cell phone. Ryan gets more calls for me on his phone than I get on my own. When we were dating, I went a whole month without one, and life was good. Since they couldn't get ahold of me any other way, friends actually stopped by to visit. I'd get personal invites to events. I had nothing to charge at night. Nothing to silence. Nothing to drop and dent. Not a bad gig.

Ryan remembers that time a little differently than I, and, because of that, I caved and bought another one. Though, now that I know where that little hidden power button is, I just may put it to use. And turn it off.


Shannon said...

That is too funny. It's hard to imagine life without a cell phone these days, but those few hours on an airplane or whatever when the phone is off do seem a little special.

Alexis said...

I like to lose mine sometimes. Or forget that the battery dies a couple of days ago. Except I don't have a home phone, so that usually ends up badly.

I hate being a grown up sometimes.

Sarah said...

haha that's awesome. I wish I had no computer sometimes. But then I run back to it for more sugar after my mini hiatuses and within 1 hr am hating it again. I can't picture you kicking the salesman in the shins, which is probably why it was such a funny thing to try to imagen