Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I read that 30 percent of people wait until the end of January to write their resolutions.

Well, it's the end of March, and I'm just about ready to start making some now. Which is just as well I guess because I also read that only about half of resolution makers are still keeping their resolutions by the end of March--putting me waaay ahead of the curve.

I'm going to start small for now. Just two small goals: write more & bite no more. The first one applies to this blog and the second to my nails. (Cue collective cheers from my parents and ryan.) Here we go.


kimi + joe said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. Sounds like noble and totally achievable resolutions. I wish you well in both endeavors!

Alexis said...

Are you working on anything exciting (writing-wise) right now?

I might be coming up your way some time in April. Perhaps you could fit me into your writing and leaving your nails alone schedule?

Bart and Kellie said...

Good luck with your new resolutions! Especially the bite no more... that should be one of mine too, and Bart and my parents would be cheering as well. There's always that bitter stuff you put on kids nails to make them stop biting or sucking a thumb? Bleh. Good Luck!

Doug and Julie Woodall said...

When I had "bite no more" goals of my own, I realized that I only bit them to trying to fix them and make them smooth. So if that's the case for you, always have a nail file on hand. It worked for me so hopefully it will work for you too. Good Luck!!

lisa said...

Thanks for the support yall!

Lex: I'm going to a writing conference this summer and need to bring some chapters from a novel, which means I need to write some chapters of a novel... I've started two different ones and am trying to decide which direction to take--we oughta talk. And I'll make all the time in the world for you! As always, you have a place to stay with us if you'll be in orem.

julie: the nail file thing worked for me once too! obviously I lost the nail file somewhere along the line, but I think that's my best bet.

kellie: do it with me! we'll be so much more motivated--so much so that we won't have to touch that nasty bitter stuff *stubby fingers crossed*