Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The job

So remember how Ryan got a job in Houston?

He'd been interviewing with this company since February, first at a job fair in Reno, and then for a position out in Anaheim. We were a little nervous about how expensive it might be to live in California, but I got over that pretty fast after visiting and experiencing some warm weather, great shopping, and don't forget this.

Unfortunately, we got a call a few weeks after his California interviews: they liked him, but didn't have enough work to hire him.

We were both pretty crushed--while I had been busy imagining life in sunny CA, Ryan had been busy falling in love with the company. It was hard to think about starting all over again, and even harder to imagine a better fit.

Then one day at work, months later, Ryan called my cell.

Turner called. They're looking for ten new recruits for a special training program. They want to know if they can consider me for it. The position could be anywhere in the US.

I was floored. I got all tingly inside. I almost couldn't breathe. I'm sure I probably squealed. (Shar?) Where would this lead? Where could we end up? This was an even better position than the one in Anaheim. I tried not to get my hopes up.

Four interviews (bringing the grand total up to 10) and a few weeks later, Ryan got word that he was selected. They just needed to decide which office to place him in.

They had no idea Ryan had spent more than two years in Houston, that he knew how to navigate the traffic, how to get around downtown better than I do, and how he naturally has a way with Texans (especially this one). They didn't know I grew up in Houston and they couldn't possibly have known how much I wanted to see my sister when she came home from her mission, or how sad I was to soon be living in a city without any nieces or nephews around. They didn't know how I craved humidity or how Ryan craved hot peppers and how Houston offers plenty of both.

And still, with dozens of offices to choose from, they chose Houston.

So last week, Ryan flew south to sign some papers, and now he's in New Jersey, training for a special BIM engineering position and becoming increasingly convinced that he's working for the best company in the world.

Which means I have to quit working at the best company in the world. (My company.) Which would be especially hard to do if I didn't feel like everything that Ryan's been doing for the last few years has been preparing him and leading him to this place and this position. Still hard, but manageable. But that's a topic for another blog.

I guess my point is, everything--even those disappointments here and there--happens for a reason. And I couldn't be happier (or feel more blessed) for this next big step.

We're leaving in October and we'll let you know how it goes.


kimi + joe said...

Congratulations on this new adventure! You make an excellent point that everything--even those disappointments --happens for a reason. Wishing you the best!

Shannon said...

That is so exciting! Congrats! It really is amazing to see how everything works out for our good right? When are you moving? I want to come down to Provo and see you before you go since the odds of me being in Houston any time in the next couple years are pretty slim. I'll call you! :)

Alexis said...

I'm so glad everything worked out and that Ryan found a job in a city you both love.

You can't do the long-distance work thing? Too bad... I'm sure you will find something awesome to do in Houston.

Alexis said...

Also... If you guys need a weekend getaway before you move... Come to Vegas! :)

Tara said...

Lisa that is awesome! Can't believe they picked Houston, crazy! So happy for you. And glad I read this because we were totally crushed last week when Justin didn't get hired for a new vice principal position that everyone said was hands down his (and would have nearly doubled our income). But I'm hoping that like you guys, it will lead to even better things in the future! Thanks for sharing. :)

Shar said...

yay! isn't it amazing how when it's right, everything just falls into place? i just hope it means that you'll be making enough dinero that you can FLY out to sunny CA and come visit me. Ryan - you hear that? COME VISIT US!

lisa said...

Thanks, Kim! I admit that I wouldn't have been upset had he been selected for the DC office... maybe someday :)

Shan--we leave Oct 16, I believe. Let's get together!

Lex, having seen the cuteness that is June, I'm pretty sure that Vegas trip is a must.

Aw Tara--I feel your pain! There's definitely something great in store for yall.

And Shar, you're the reason I stopped stressing about our future. Seeing how perfectly things worked out for you and Trav reminded me where I ought to place my trust. Thanks for the example!