Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty great

In the past couple months, we:

*visited some great sites and friends in a new city

*went to the greatest rodeo on earth

*fell in love with bread pudding

*won a pretty great door prize (42" wide)

*planted a garden

*made the world's greatest french toast

*drove to the coast

*uncovered a box of treasures

*listened to a prophet

*felt our son kick for the first time

Hope to share more details soon.


Alexis said...

Sounds pretty great. :) Isn't feeling your baby move the best thing in the world? SOOOO excited for you guys!

rawhide said...

yeah for being pregnant. congrats!!!!

kimi + joe said...

Um, congratulations are in order...specifically for the bouncing baby boy kicks. SO exciting! When are you due?

talida said...

WHOA! Congrats you two! :D

lease said...

Thanks, everybody! And yes, Lex, it really is--especially the first time Ryan got to feel it too.

Kim--congrats to you and Joe too! Ours comes in July.

Tara said...

Lisa I'm so excited for you! A cute little summer baby boy, woo hoo! I knew you were expecting, but I missed the gender. Boys are so fun and I'm guessing your hubster is pretty excited. Justin was ecstatic when he found out he was capable of producing a boy. :)
And totally unrelated, I also want to know what is involved with making the world's greatest french toast...

Kristen said...

How fun! And I hope you're staying cool--I saw that Texas was in the 90s the other day! This while Portland is struggling to get out of the 40s. Sigh.