Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scary stories to tell in the dark

Remember those books from elementary school? The lady who always wore the yellow ribbon around her neck? The vindow viper? I loved those stories. Apparently they almost got banned from libraries in the 90s. But they sure made good camp-fire story fodder well into junior high.

Ready for something really scary?

Last month I went a few weeks without Internet access (Ahh!! Ok, no, that's not the scary part) when I went back up to Utah for a work conference. As I was getting ready to go, I wasn't super excited about being all alone in our townhouse. When I'm alone, before I can sleep, I always end up going through every room in the house with a large blunt object to frighten away any lurking intruders. I know, right? Really intimidating. A lady who's afraid of the shadows and carrying the Modern American Usage guide. (Don't laugh--they're heavy! Certified weapons in some states.)

Surprisingly, I only had one little scare on my trip. The big news is what happened back at the ranch.

Ryan's mom and sister came to visit (Ahh!! I kid. Scary part still on it's way) and spend some time in Houston. They saw Phantom of the Opera, lounged by the pool, explored the eats, and generally had a good time. Until the old wailing man came.


Ryan calls one night after a game of pool. They had heard a noise. A loud noise. Something that sounded like a loud groan. Or an old wailing man. They make sure to lock the front door and start checking around the house (if only they had my usage guide!). The wailing continues. Someone screams--the front door is suddenly unlocked.

I suggest they turn on the alarm. Unfortunately, I only know one way of turning on the alarm, which, unbeknownest to us all, triggers the motion detectors. So right when everyone begins to feel safe and snug, the alarm goes off, causing a sort of frenzy. Oops.

In the end, after an unnamed individual had been carrying a pool stick around the house for protection, they discovered the culprit. A tree branch. It was windy outside and when the branch brushed the window in just the right way... well, it sounded like an old wailing man had come to visit.

Sorry. I don't think you'll be able to use this one on your next camp out. I just thought it was funny. Stick to the books, and you should be fine.


Kristen said...

Pepper Spray on my bedside table-- that's how paranoid I am when Jason's gone. Hey, at least it's not a gun :)

And I loved those books! Some freaky tales in there...

Holly and Sean said...

Haha! I loved those books too!

Just wanted to drop in and congratulate you on winning my giveaway!!! Let me know which piece of jewelery you like and I will have it send along~


Little Lovables said...

oh, the horrors tree branches cause in the night!

and I always remembered the lady's ribbon around her neck being green... I hated those stories!

bnewma4 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and your intro totally cought my eye. Every time i see a lady wearing a scarf or ribbon, I think of that story! Thanks for bringing back memories!

Brandi Newman

Rebecca said...

I love scary stories and scary shows too! A few of my favorite shows are A Haunting (on Discovery), Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. Won't be watching these when Hubby goes away tho! I'll get waaaaay too scared!