Friday, September 25, 2009


I have some serious love for craigslist. I've acquired some pretty sweet stuff from there and check the "free" postings regularly. But I'm beginning to notice a trend toward some dodgy dealings.

I've seen people giving away working computers, TVs, and treadmills "for free." When you email them, you don't hear back for a couple days, at which point you receive an email:

Oh, man, I'm sorry. Someone else came to pick it up this morning. But listen, I gave mine away because I just got a new computer/TV/diet pill for free through this website. Here's the link if you're interested. Great deal.

Lame. I'd like to post something for these guys:

Free kick in the pants to all shady marketers.

Except I'll actually deliver on mine.


Jimmy said...

cool I like when people call out the scammers... peace

Shannon said...

Seriously. I have ventured away from Craigslist in favor of, but the free section attracts the same kind of crap. It is annoying.

Elisa said...

you're hilarious. I totally agree.

jenny said...

I was just going to blog about this! I just posted something and I've gotten 5 comments, 4 of which are spam. So annoying.