Thursday, October 1, 2009

I failed

While we don't have a lot of immediate family nearby, we are lucky to live near my brother Cos and his family. Every time we visit, we are bombarded with questions from his girls, Ruby and Eva. It always goes a little something like this:

Are you guys married? (Henceforth all pronunciation of married shall be "maaaaaaarried")
Hey, why did you guys get married?
Is it because you love each other? Why?
Do you guys kiss cause your married?

The interviewers. Bona fide girl. And curious ones at that.

So I wasn't entirely surprised when, before I left for California a few weeks ago, these little girls begged me for just one thing:

Will you take a picture of her in her dress? And one of them kissing?

Sure thing, I said. No problem. Sounds easy enough.

But you already read the post title. As I sorted through pictures (which took me a total of 7 seconds), I realized I had kinda missed the point of the weekend. Behold, my photos from the trip:

Results of the LA fires--kinda makes you want to hold you breath, huh?

From the rehearsal dinner, held on the pier at a beautiful restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows

Mom and me

And this is the closest I got to getting a photo of the bride and groom. If you look real close in the shadows on the left, I think that's Tyler's sister-in-law. Close enough.


Shannon said...

In your defense the sailboat light is beautiful. Looks like a fun trip even though you may have dropped in the rankings of favorite auntie because of your lack of good wedding photos. Next time you'll just have to step it up. :)

Kristen said...

I have some on my blog you can steal and pretend they're your own...

lisa said...

Kristen--don't mind if I do!

Sarah said...

does your bro have his kids sleep in some people...?