Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan's first baby shower*

It was a couple's shower. For someone Ryan's only met once. Scheduled smack dab in the middle of a BYU football game (against san diego), which was scheduled smack dab in the middle of Ryan's midterms.

I think he must love me.

I didn't even know she was pregnant. Turns out she's 8 months pregnant. That's pretty pregnant.

  • Putting together a gift with Eve. We got a complete cloth diapering kit (thank you, craigslist) and recorded a waltz/lullaby Eve composed especially for baby bayles. Since we knew she planned on pureeing her own baby food, we also got a cheap set of baby jars, and, since we knew she would like it, we filled those jars with money.
  • Winning a Goonies DVD--gotta love those baby shower games. I attribute our win entirely to Ryan for knowing the answer to this question: Who was Elora Dannon's parent/guardian? (Any takers?)
  • Getting frequent texts with game updates--especially those involving a BYU touchdown.
You might say this baby is a bit of a surprise. K's been pregnant only a few days less than she's been married, but she's enjoying the adventure. Her two favorite parts about being pregnant: being especially buoyant at the swimming pool and getting to use less water in the bathtub cause she fills so much more of it. Tempting.

So, for all you mothers out there, what do you think the best part about being pregnant is? Or, what "ultimate sacrifice" has your husband/boyfriend made to make you happy? Anybody out there have a great baby shower gift idea?

*Technically this is his second baby shower, but it's the first he went to knowingly. In Houston, his boss invited us to a party and forgot to mention it was actually a shower for his cousin. Come to think of it, we won two of the prizes at that party too. We should go pro.


Shannon said...

Wow. Go Ryan. You win Best Husband. Also, Lisa it sounds like you are an excellent gift giver. Not that I ever want you to be giving me cloth diapers. :) I think the best part about being pregnant is feeling the baby have the hiccups and not having to feel guilty for wearing sweats all day long.
PS-I need to borrow your luck the next time I go to a party with a raffle.

kimi + joe said...

Ha, that totally reminds me of the time I unknowingly dragged Joe to a Relief Society activity. Deep, deep down I'm sure he loved it.

Amy said...

The best part? Nobody can judge you by your food intake! Eat late, eat early, nap often - are there better words to live by?

lisa said...

@shan--oh this was not luck. no no. little did you know that we are skilled at holding extreme amounts of clothespins in one hand (my talent), and finding safety pins in bowls of rice (ryan's--this is WAY harder than it sounds)

@kimi--hah! sounds like a great story. But seriously RS activities always have treats--who could complain about that?

@amy--YOU'RE PREGNANT!! hooray and congratulations!

Shar said...

having a little person with you all the time. it's just really really cool. Feeling them move is miraculous. And if you can manage to find time for naps - yes, those are wonderful. Tip: enjoy them the first time around b/c with any subsequent pregnancies naps are few and far between.

Kimber Dawn said...

you are cute. times one hundred. ;)