Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy graduation!

Yes, that's right. He's done it. And after one more term of classes, Ryan will officially finish his undergrad. Lest you feel sorry for him and his anticlimactic finish, let me give you a run down of this classes for the term:
  1. Fly Fishing: 60+ people signed up for this class of 15, but Ryan made the cut. After a couple classes, he now describes fly fishing as a martial art. He's always loved it (back when we were dating he caught fish for us to grill for dinner on a regular basis--even if that meant fishing until well after the sun went down to catch our meal), and now he's got all the latest gear to help him in his endeavor.
  2. Golf: I once won a chipping contest (as well as the best golf attire award) on a group date years ago. And now Ryan's an award-winning golfer too: He won his class's chipping contest after getting a hole-in-one from 60 yards back. Make me proud.
  3. Scuba Diving: He's not actually taking this one at BYU, but rather from a local scuba shop down south--the same one I certified at. He's trying to get ready for our big Tingey family Hawaii trip this summer.
  4. History of Christianity: A fascinating class, starting with the very beginnings of Christianity, including the First Council of Nicea, and ending with the restored gospel. His professor grew up Orthodox Catholic and is so full of passion that he spends the class jumping off the walls and on top of the piano (true story).
  5. Electrical Systems: Can you guess which class was required by his major? By the end of the class, they're supposed to know how to wire a home. Ok, so it's not super fun or adventurous, but still. Pretty cool.

Anyway, back to graduation. Ryan was the last one to sit down on this side of the Marriott Center. The graduation committee miscalculated how many seats to save, so the rest of the graduates had to sit where we were, behind the speakers. (But what a great view of those hoods!) Ryan was also the first one to lead the graduates out of the Marriott Center, and the first of his graduating class to ring the victory bell.

Congratulations, Ryan! We're so proud.


Elisa said...

sounds like he really suffered through some "tough" classes this last term. :) congrats! what are your big plans now?

Shannon said...

Congrats Ryan! That's so exciting. I think it's awesome he's taking all those fun classes. When in your life are you going to really have the opportunity to learn some of those things. Also, I'm jealous that you guys are going to Hawaii this summer. That sounds so fun!

lisa said...

No kidding--that would have been my plan too, had I not started working full-time my last semester... As far as future plans, this term will end in June, we'll take our trip, and then who knows? I'll keep working while he keeps job hunting, and we'll see where life takes us!

know of any construction openings in your areas? keep me posted :)

C. J. said...

Great classes to take, but nothing like golf, right? Awsome chip from 60 yards, man!!!! That is so much harder than people think!

Alexis said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations!

Is your Hawaii trip going to fall over the fourth of July? We are going to be in Utah then....

Katie said...

Atta boy Ryan. On 'Graduating' and on the fun classes. I was aaaaaall about fun classes.

Thank you basket weaving and flexibility. My life is better because of you.

lisa said...

lol--I remember flexibility! You DID have the best classes.

and Dad, now the next step is a real hole-in-one... any suggestions?

lex oh lex--will our lives ever collide?