Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cheapskates with refined taste rejoice

We looked into seeing an opera while we were in Rome, but the only show while we were there opened an hour after we arrived in Italy. Normally I'd be all for it, but somehow the 16+ hour commute from SLC didn't put us in the right frame of mind -- plus we were jet lagged and I can't think of a more expensive (and uncomfortable) place to take a nap than in an opera house.

So we decided to forgo the opera and enjoy the sites instead. In the next couple days we saw stuff like this around every corner:

On our way to the Spanish Steps, we noticed a small army of Italians and tourists gathering. Apparently some group was setting up for a performance in the square that night. An opera group to be precise. Setting up for a free performance. So, we secured ourselves some seats on a step and listened in on the rehearsal while they brought in a grand piano and the works.

That night, after a quick stop by Trevi Fountain, and, of course, a gelateria, we stopped by the square on the way home to catch the performance in their full gear.

Right place, right price, right time.

p.s. if you were wondering, Ryan did fly in for the weekend, and we had a great time. Three more days and he'll be back for another weekend!


Shannon said...

I love it. Opera for the masses. You got some fabulous Italy photos too. Looks like you had gorgeous weather. So fun!

lindsay said...

that is so awesome! we want to come with you next time you go on a great trip!

Tara said...

WOW, I knew I would love this post when I saw that title. :)
Your experience worked out way better than just sitting in an opera house, how unforgettable! Some of my best memories in Spain were just exploring the streets and happening upon stuff like that.
Beautiful photography, by the way, I don't know which one of you took those, but there is some real talent there!

lisa said...

Speaking of singing to the masses--excited to hear you sing conference weekend, shan!

Linds--you bet. That would be awesome. How about Spain?

And Tara, I wish I could take credit for the photos, but most of those were Ryan's. I was too busy worrying that we were going to run out of camera battery before the trip was over. (we finally ran out at the airport on the way home!)

Caroline Tung Richmond said...

These photographs are GORGEOUS, Lisa! What kind of camera do you guys have? I'm majorly jealous.

*Sniff* I can't believe our Rome trip was seven years ago? Man, I really want to go back...and eat more gelato.

Caroline Tung Richmond said...
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Kristen said...

It looks like maybe you had better weather than when we went? :) I'm so glad you guys decided to just go for it! What awesome pictures and memories!