Friday, September 10, 2010

Why we tell stories

A couple nights ago, I discovered this, courtesy of StoryCorps...

... after which I watched every other animated short they've created. There is something so special about stories and their retelling. Can you just imagine what we'd gain if we all listened to each other a little more? And if we were more willing to share our stories?

I recently read an incredible book. A very hard book. It was written based on the author's personal experience, making it even harder to read. It dealt with betrayal, abuse, loneliness. But it was also about hope and loyalty and strength. I imagine it was very difficult to write. But I admire the author for this gift she gave. Stories like this, like Danny and Annie's, like the ones my grandmother tells about her mother, these are stories that don't leave you. Because they change you. These are stories that deserve to be--need to be--told. Recorded or written down.

We all have stories to share.

Some stories are harder to share than others, but I hope you'll take a moment to share one with someone you love. Or that you'll take some time to listen to someone else's special memory. It will be a gift you're not likely to forget.


Cosme & Judy Salazar said...

That is so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing,

Shannon said...

I, of course, am crying like a baby right now, but I am so glad to have listened to that story. What a wonderful reminder of true love and what marriage is all about. So sweet. Plus, who can resist those Brooklyn accents?

jenny said...

Thanks for sending me this. Love the new look on the blog as well. <3 you. Don't move. Kthxbye

talida said...


I'm so glad we got to swap some stories in person last weekend! You've always made me laugh so much, and Tim even noticed I laughed more than usual. :)

Best of luck with the packing (and the move), and hope Ryan enjoys the rest of his time in Somerset, NJ!

lisa said...

Talida--we had so much fun! Keep a couple hours (and your bellies) clear for us this Thanksgiving :)

Sarah said...

Ummm, ok. Apparently your blog also makes me cry. I am crying so much right now, you silly lady. I could sob. Stories are very powerful and important to tell. I think that something that I've discovered through hard family things is it's important to talk about it and to share with people, because there is something that the storyteller and the listener get from the sharing of a story. It is a gift to both of them. Anyhow, at work, we do this really cool project with stories called digital storytelling. Same idea, share a personal story, record the voice, and add some images or video. I love this cartoon spin on out. We use the stories for public awareness, education, advocacy, etc. etc. Here's some links. Thanks for this post. I'm in love with Danny.
and there are some on my work FB wall "Healthy Communities Para Todos!"
I think that stories have the power to change the world and they always have made change in the world.
Thanks for turning me into a blubbering fool

A Momma said...

That made me tear up, you goon.
Thanks for pointing me towards those stories.
And thanks for being such a good friend to my sis.


lisa said...

Thanks so much for the links, sarah--you do such incredible work. and Heather--good to see you again!!

Emily Heider said...

Wow, really crying from that one! Such a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing.