Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is our moving truck.

This is our moving truck on Google Sketchup.

Yesterday I started getting nervous that our 16' truck might not be big enough to pack all our stuff into. So I gave Ryan measurements of all the big items in our house, he recreated them in Google SketchUp, and then he played Tetris til he fit everything inside our allotted space.

All our lives, right in that little box. Good news is... it looks like it fits.

Btw, if you haven't played around in SketchUp, you should try it out. It's free (thank you, google), and you can explore inside 3-D models of famous buildings all over the world. For example, in the model Ryan sent me, he put our little truck right outside the Colosseum and an Egyptian pyramid. He also set it up right outside this.

Bonus points for anyone who guesses what famous building this is...

You also might be Ryan's true soulmate...

Did I mention that in the last couple weeks, I've packed away two LOTR book sets, two LOTR DVD sets (including the creepy/random animated children's version), AND a LOTR audio CD set? That's devotion.

That's right. It's the Tower of Mordor. Courtesy of Google SketchUp.

You're welcome. (The black dot is our truck.)

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Tara said...

you guys are fun :) good luck with the move!