Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please excuse

But today was my last day in the office. Like I said, I'll be working remotely from Houston, but today was my last day to drive in so that I could see and work and laugh with my coworkers, who have become my dear friends.

They threw a going away lunch for me. It was perfect. They made delicious foods, we played bananagrams, they let me win once... you'd think it couldn't get better. But then they gave me sweet cards and said sweet things and gave me sweet hugs. Plus a travel pack for surviving the driving. (Did I mention it's a 24-hour drive?)

So please excuse the reminiscing, but I have to say thank you. Thank you and I'll miss you and please learn how to use video conferencing.

And please excuse if I'm still in pajamas when you do.


lindsay said...

oh, i feel sad for you that you have to leave, but you guys are going to have so much fun in houston.

Paige said...

We'll miss you, Lisa! I'm so glad we'll still be working together, even if it's a 24-hour drive apart. We will definitely figure out the video conferencing--and we'll excuse the pjs. :-) Good luck this weekend! Miss you already!

jenny said...

Missing you already :(

Shar said...

wish i could have been there! i miss you!