Thursday, October 14, 2010

The book fair

Remember book fairs in elementary school? Best days of my life. So many brand new books. Brand new books and money. Money from mom and dad, cause everyone knows it's ok to spend money on books. I remember always having a hard time choosing between the "How to draw 50 dogs/horses/other animals" books (anyone?) and the Garfield/Calvin and Hobbes/Far Side comic books.

Clearly, I was born with great taste in literature.

Haven't been to a book fair in over a decade, but just yesterday I came across this.

And it's so much cooler than the title lets on. It's everything book: papermaking, letterpressing, bookbinding, free book appraising, rare book eyeing. Probably not a lot of Calvin and Hobbes reading, but this... this will be cool.

Five dollars to get in, and you better believe I will be there. Everyone knows it's ok to spend money on a book [fair].

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