Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day late decorations

Because the 31st seemed to creep up on us so fast, per usual, we figured decorating for Halloween was already shot, and we waited for the clearance sales later. We scored some purple paper lanterns, a black creature embroidered tablecloth, a ghost candy dish, an insane asylum sign*, a black tabletop halloween scene, and a dark hooded head with blood red eyes.

We also got this.

I'm telling ya--those beady eyes'll follow you around the room.

Ryan was convinced it was the creepiest item of all, and now that I'm getting a closer look, he may well be on to something. Plus it was only $0.75.

We call it the little wiccan squirrel.

Someday when we're too old to remember, we'll tell our grandkids I made it from sticks--back in my day we only had sticks to play with, you know. Then they'll respect me. Or more likely hope they didn't inherit my creepy genes.

*Wanna hear some great real-life scary stories from the Provo mental hospital? (and no--the time ryan proposed there doesn't count.) Click here.


Our Family of Four said...

I love reading your blog posts! They always make me laugh! Have a good day!

Shannon said...

Little Wiccan Squirrel indeed. Definitely creepy. Good job getting all those great Halloween decor deals! I missed out I think. I went and read all the creepy stories from the Utah State Hospital. There's definitely something scary going on there. I would hate to work there.