Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The day of the deer

Monday morning, as Ryan's driving up to campus, a couple of deer run into the road right in front of him. He swerves, barely avoiding an accident, and wonders what deer are doing running around University Avenue.

Minutes later, he turns onto University Parkway (another major road), and, out of nowhere, a few more deer cut him off. He swerves. Accident averted (again).

By this time, he's thinking that's pretty weird. We may live in a small mountain town, but, after a good six years of living here, I can still count the number of deer I've seen on two hands (give or take a couple toes). And only one of those times was anywhere near a major road in town.

So back to Ryan. He's sitting there driving and thinking how dumb deer can be and how happy he is to be alive. A few blocks down the road, almost as if the previous deer had joined forces and taken a shortcut to head him off, they reappear--right in front of Ryan's car.

It's like they were out to get him. Or on the fast track to meeting up with Bambi's mom. Or just really out of sorts from Daylight Saving Time. Whatever it was, it didn't work, and Ryan avoided his third accident of the day.* And it was only 8:30 in the morning.

Now, if it were me, that's about the time I would have ditched the car and crawled to a safe, secluded space where I couldn't fall off anything, nothing could fall on me, and certainly no deer could come near. It just doesn't sound like the beginning of a great day. But he seemed to manage it fine and came home to me in one piece.

Anyone else have any odd run-ins with the wild on Monday?

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Kristen said...

Whoa. I'm with you on the hiding from wildlife. Scary.