Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas caroling

No, we haven't done this one yet, and probably won't unless I can talk a bunch of other people into it, who, in turn, can talk Ryan into it.

I was listening to a Christmas CD a sweet family in Hungary gave me several years ago, and it reminded me of how Christmas caroling was so novel to Hungarians. And by novel, I really mean a waste of time.

We decided to get together with the elders to go caroling to people we were teaching and perhaps to meet a few new people who might be interested in our message. It did not turn out the way we intended. Mind you, there were some incredibly talented singers in our group (who effectively covered my weak vocals), so, to my ears, we sounded so peaceful and sweet in perfect harmony. This, however, did not stop people from promptly shutting their doors as soon as we started singing (and this from someone we actually knew), yelling to us from two floors down to be quiet, and, for those precious few who did stop to listen, looking extremely confused about why we would sing out in the open like that.

Caroling in Hungary = FAIL


Shannon said...

How weird. Is it just something nobody does? Sad. I love caroling. I'm slightly disappointed that I don't get to do the YM/YW caroling party next week since I have been released. But only slightly. When my kids are older I definitely plan on making it a tradition. HOpefully you can convince Ryan of it's awesomeness.

lisa said...

I know huh! I love caroling too. It was such a disappointment, and maybe it's not like that everywhere in Hungary. Maybe we just went to scrooge's complex.

Megan said...

i remember that the mission did a big campaign to get the members to give us referrals for caroling one Christmas. Nobody shut their doors on us, but nobody let us in either. And nobody ever wanted to see us again.

But we did sing to some members in Debrecen that enjoyed it. Talked about it for months afterwards even.

Caroling in Hungary=Fail
Caroling to the Balogh Csalad=Okay