Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas tree tour

We've got a tradition in my family to get a new Christmas ornament each year. Which is the only reason we've got any ornaments on our tree this year. 27 to be precise. Here are some of my favorite ornaments, up close and personal:


*I got this at the big and faaaancy Harrod's while in London--pretty sure that's the only thing I could afford there. I didn't see the irony in hanging a Harrod ornament on our Christmas tree until Ryan pointed it out, but isn't it pretty?

*awww. My first Christmas--I was one month and one day old.

*This littlun is from the Houston Temple dedication. Also, the last Sunday in November, I convinced Ryan to string up some popcorn garland while we watched Christmas movies on TV. If we decide to make this one a tradition, we're going to have to buy some Christmas movies because, trust me, they save the quality ones for later in the season. (We did, however, catch the beginning of Jingle All the Way, which is dumb but fabulous.)

*We have no star, and since we vowed to wait until after the holidays to buy decorations, this little glitter crown I got at work is standing in. Classy, no?

*And our latest addition, the 2009 ornament installment. We were out to dinner at Chipotle (such a favorite that it's worth the drive) when a Presbyterian missionary from Russia stopped by our table. He was selling pretty ornaments to sponsor classes on teen chastity, morality, and integrity. Knowing how hard it was to find success on our missions (and we weren't even selling anything!), seeing how freezing cold it was outside, and acknowledging the good cause, we decided to take this little bird off his hands. We quite like him. (Sorry it's so blurry. At least you've got a great view of our mugs.)


Shannon said...

What a fun tradition! The hummingbird is really quite beautiful and I'm sure you made that missionary's night. Also, I love the Harrod's ornament. I wouldn't have thought of the irony either. :)

jenny said...

Love the ornaments!! And yes, it was Kirsten the American girl doll. She was my favorite!!