Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Forty Day Project

In an ideal day, I would:
  • Wake up early
  • Read scriptures and pray
  • Exercise
  • Make a delicious breakfast
  • Pack a delicious lunch
  • Get to work early
  • Come home early
  • Make a delicious dinner
  • Work on novel/short story
  • Read a novel/short story
  • Pray
  • Go to bed early
Currently, I probably do 4 or 5 of these things on a regular basis. And thus begins my Forty Day Project. They say to start out small, so for the next forty days, without fail, I'm going to add two things to my daily routine. Just two. Read my scriptures and exercise. Since I'm a wimp, I'm starting with things I already do semi-regularly but know I'd be a lot better off if I did them daily.

So, if you're up to it, pick a couple things from your own ideal day that you can add to your routine. You'll be that much closer to living the dream :)


Lindsey said...

Lisa, just want you to know that I'm blog-stalking you ;) Stew showed me your comment on his blog and I found your blog...I think you could make the most boring thing sound amazing! :) Anyway...I think it would be fun to get together sometime! Maybe Sunday dinner or something! I miss you guys! Let me know! Hope all is well!

Shewi128 said...

Good idea. I feel the same way. It's hard for me, for some reason, to fit in all of the things I want/need/should do in one day. Right now I'm fitting in exercise and scriptures. I'll read your blog for motivation. :)

Shannon said...

So inspiring. I am the same way. I want to do it all, but in reality it just never happens. I just started exercising again regularly and I'm getting caught up on my scripture reading after being about a week behind. Eek. I will try to add one more in there. Good luck! Let's report next month. :)