Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hitting the runway

I signed up for a sewing class at church, partly because I got a sewing machine for Christmas (though I haven't threaded one in the last decade) and partly because I needed something to do to keep me from distracting Ryan from studying. (Study time? I think you mean movie time...)

So here's the pattern for a simple summer skirt:

**Note the "easy" on the top right. Sold me.

And here's the fabric:
courtesy of my mother-in-law :)

As a side note, I was browsing through the patterns and came across Project Runway-inspired patterns. They're actually pretty interesting.

So I was flipping through the patterns when I came across this one.

Anyone else remember April from ANTM? Cycle 2 or something? Looks like she didn't need to win after all! I mean, who needs a Cover Girl contract when you can be a sewing-pattern-cover cover girl? Right?


talida said...

Cute skirt pattern! It looks like a retro apron. I sewed my Halloween costume last year and was happy I could still remember how to thread a machine. Wouldn't our Home Ec teachers be proud!

lindsay said...

Cute skirt. After you finish yours could you make me one? Thanks!

lease said...

Talida: Seriously! Do you remember those boxers and stuffed animals we had to make? My "bear" was so freaky looking...

Linds: well if I draw your name for Christmas again this year (I'm 4 for 5, right), you just might get your wish! ;) (I kid.)