Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Living in a movie

As I type this, Ryan is downstairs composing another project on the keyboard. I always tell him he should be a movie soundtrack composer. Or maybe it's better I keep his talents for myself. When he plays I always find myself in the middle of a movie. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes epic, often emotional, but always beautiful.

Today's song feels like a mystery thriller. Right before the climax. Like the moment where all the pieces are swirling around in the protagonist's head, slowly coming together. And the camera is panning quickly around the actor, swirling like his thoughts, faster and faster until... bam. He knew it all along. And maybe a robot is involved somehow. You know, for good measure.

Any agents out there looking for the music to a robot mystery thriller?

We're here for you.

Anyway, I'm happy for the organic soundtrack going on in my basement. The cool melodies are my promise that we'll be making beautiful music for many years to come.


Cosme & Judy Salazar said...

That is great!
Keep bringing that good music to us all!!!

Shannon said...

Lucky girl with a musical husband! I often will pretend I am in the middle of the movie while listening to the radio in the car or whatever. Also, I like the robot idea. You should write a screenplay.

Kristen said...

Lisa, I think we're living parallel lives. Seriously. Jason is always in the other room making music (Garage Band is his tool of chocie) and I also just received a new sewing machine for my birthday. Weird. :)

lease said...

Ha! Kristen, you may be on to something there... If I recall, this isn't the first time we've noticed the parallels!